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What about this new popular type of games in the Match-3 topic? Here are some most frequent questions about the game, plot and the rules. Anything left unclear for you? Message us directly and get all the answers.

What are Match-3 games?

This game has its origins in the 1980-s. When the Tetris and other Chain shots games were popular. The rules are pretty much explained in the name of the game. You have to collect 3 or more circles, squares or other shapes in a row so them are disappearing and replaced with other shapes until you pass the task of the level.

Match-3 online game
Lumeno Match-3 online game

Some small rules may vary from game to game. Do not worry, most of the games have the learning mode before the first start.

How do you play Match-3 games?

You have to collect 3 or more pieces of one color, shape or theme in a row. Some kinds of Match-3 games tells you to tire them up with a straight line which can go only up, down, left or right.  Other kids of these games shows you a gaming field, filled with all kinds of units, and to match 3 or more tiles you can only switch its places with the nearest one.

You won’t have any problem with this, mostly games are about to teach you how to play Match-3 online games beforehand.

How to play Match-3 games
Instruction of how to play Blooming Gardens game

Who invented match 3 games?

Nowadays, Match three games owe a lot to a Solitaire and other card games this similar, but the origins of these video games came from the famous Tetris, made in 1984th by Russian game maker Alexey Pajitnov and also developer Kuniaki Moribe from Japan who invented China Shots in 1985.

Why are there so many Match-3 games?

The answer is pretty clear. There is no limit for the rules of these games. You can make up your own rules, using the base of the game and it will work its best. Playing our games you will get the idea of the new list of Match-3 games online.

list of Match 3 games

Variety of Match-3 online games

Is the Match-3 free?

When playing Match-3 games on our site you can be totally sure it is free and available on any device.

How to play Match 3 full screen?

Every page of the game has a button “Play full screen”. When clicking this button the game will open on the full screen of your device.

play Match-3 full screen

How to turn full screen mode on the Zoo Boom game

How often do we add New Match-3 games?

We try to find and make up newest themes and topics of games for you as frequently as possible. Whenever you are fed up with a present variety of game just message us directly and we will fasten the process up for you.