Pool Party

POOL PARTY is a fascinating game perfect for those who love summer-themed puzzles.
It's been a hot summer! It's time to cool off. Time for a pool party! Grab your towel and bathing suit to head to the water park with Bunny!

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Pool Party

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Free Online Match 3 Games

Match 3 games are video puzzles in which you must place tiles of the same type or color next to each other to make them disappear from the screen. The most commonly required number of tiles in a row is three, hence the name of the games. It is one of the most popular forms of entertainment these days, which is why there are so many Match 3 games online, free of charge.

Numerous sites in the USA, like Izzy Games, provide a long list of the best Match 3 games to play without in-app purchases. You can also find them on Apple Arcade, where there are no ads to distract you from the game, and your updated achievements remain saved on the cloud. Apple Arcades are available, besides Apple TV, on Mac, iPad, and iPhone.

You can enjoy them on your desktop computer or install a mobile app on your smartphone to play your favorite games anywhere and anytime you like. And there are even some 100% free Match 3 Games No Download options that allow you to access the site from your mobile device to play the games in the online format.

Playing Match 3 Games

You start with a chaotic pattern on the screen with tiles of different types placed in random order. To bring identical symbols together, you can swap any two tiles as long as at least one of them lands next to its mutch, either horizontally or vertically. It takes a considerable amount of experience and strategic skills to reshuffle the initial mess into a coherent pattern.

The symbols vary indefinitely and may be:

  • Fruits
  • Candies
  • Disney characters
  • Cooking ingredients

As soon as three tiles of identical type land together in a row, they disappear, and you win the game when the screen is empty. However, new tiles show up randomly, so the game can continue for a very long time until you either win or have no room to move because the tiles fill up the screen. Fortunately, there is no time limit for the game, and you can enjoy it indefinitely.

TOP-10 best Match3 games online

  1. Bubble Shooter;
  2. Bouncing Balls;
  3. Bubble Spinner;
  4. Poppit;
  5. Jewel Shuffle;
  6. Bubble Shooter 3;
  7. Smarty Bubbles;
  8. Microsoft Jewel;
  9. Lumeno;
  10. Penny Drop.