Bubble Shooter 3

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Bubble Shooter 3 Bubble Shooter 3

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5/5 - (1 votes)
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Bubble Shooter 3 Game

You can play this online Bubble Shooter 3 game for free from your PC or mobile phone. You can launch this no download puzzle without in-app purchases or subscriptions. Feel free to open the game in fullscreen mode as well as enable or disable sound effects.

How to Play the Game

There is a crossbow in the lower part of the screen and a cloud of balls of different colors at the top. Here is what you should do:

  • Check the color of the ball you’re currently using
  • Aim the crossbow at a row of balls of the same color
  • Let the row burst and shoot another ball
  • If you fail to burst a row in five shots, the ceiling will come one step down

Unlike many other puzzles, Bubble Shooter 3 offers balls of only three colors at the first level. Divergent lines coming from the crossbow help you to aim better.

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