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MATCH ADVENTURE is a very entertaining game that will help you have fun in your free time and give you the opportunity to feel like a real detective.
The essence of this game:
One day, waking up, the inhabitants of the forest discovered that during the night someone had destroyed the entire forest edge and now it is in disrepair. But to make matters worse, Jammy’s squirrel brother, Johnny, has disappeared. Help the small but brave squirrel find his brother! The journey will not be easy – you, together with Jemmy, need to talk to all the inhabitants of the forest, reconstruct the events of last night and go on an adventure into other worlds. You, Jemmy and her friends will travel from one world to another, learn new details about the mysterious disappearance of her brother and other characters, and meet the inhabitants of other worlds.


To rebuild a ruined land and forest world, you’ll need to clear the area, rebuild all the buildings and scenery, and explore. Complete levels and earn coins for building. As you progress through the levels, Jemmy will interact with various characters and uncover the mystery of what happened. After completing some levels, Jemmy and the travelers will receive a reputation and reward, as well as part of a secret mechanism that will help them get to the next world. Buy new jewelry in the store for coins and increase the reputation of the world! Don’t forget to clear an area to make room for new buildings. You’ll need nuts to do this. Use diamonds to go faster!


To rebuild the ruined edge and the forest world, you need to clear the area, re-erect all the buildings and decorations and explore them.

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