Penny Drop

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Penny Drop Penny Drop

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5/5 - (4 votes)
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Penny Drop Game

You can launch Penny Drops for free on your PC or mobile. This no download game is available in fullscreen mode, with or without sound effects. You can enjoy its full functionality without in-app purchases or subscriptions.

How to Play It

Here are the main rules of the puzzle:

  • Reset the clock by dropping the time symbol off the bottom
  • Create 3 chain reactions to activate the bomb symbol (bombs clear surrounding symbols)
  • Create 5 chain reactions to get the Nudge bonus
  • Match 4+ symbols for feature points
  • Fill the feature trail for a bonus feature
  • Play all fruit symbols to unlock the Special Symbol feature

The visual aesthetics of this online game resemble a casino. Instead of swapping jewels or candies, you deal with the symbols of fruits, coins and numbers.

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